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foxhounds and natural water in southern florida
Palm Beach Hounds Foxhunting Group

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Join Us As A Guest

Every hunt starts with the anticipation of: "Will the hounds pick up a scent? Will there be a chase?" Nothing is as exciting as to hear the cry of the pack and feel the horses start to move...  horses, hounds, and riders operating as a single unit in pursuit of the quarry.

Whether you are directly behind the Huntsman in First Field, or with the Hilltopper group, you will feel the excitement and beauty that comes with watching the hounds work and being part of nature with your equine partner.  

If you can trail ride, you can hunt with us! We will accommodate any level of riding.

It's easy to join us as a guest:

  • Sign your waiver;

  • Pay your capping fee;

  • Arrive early and dressed appropriately;

  • Be ready to have a good time!

Come experience the natural Florida landscape and spend time with other horse and hound enthusiasts.

friends in the pristine florida landscape with their horses
foxhunters in south florida

How do you guarantee you ride in the best hunt of the year?  Easy! You go out on every hunt!

take a foxhunting clinic in south florida
Palm Beach Hounds Foxhunting Group

Calling All First-Time Foxhunters

Foxhunting Clinic

One of the best things about foxhunting is being able to get out of the arena and into the pristine nature in Southern Florida. You have a chance to see the beauty of our area in places you may otherwise never experience - we are completely "off-road!"

If you have never hunted before, please join us for our clinic. Usually held in December, it is open to riders of all disciplines and all riding levels. The only requirement is that you bring a helmet and a smile!

If you can trail ride - you can Hunt!!!

Come find out what our club is all about and what it is like to ride to the hounds! Riding and auditor spots available, but limited. Free to all juniors and those who have never tried the sport.

Space is Limited!!

native florida landscape

Our Foxhunting Territories

We hunt in several territories around South Florida.

 All territories are natural parklands or border pristine country.

PBH Foxhunting Territories Map Light.jpg

For Exact Directions to Our Territories and to See More Pictures, Please Click Here:

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Palm Beach Hounds Foxhunting Group

Let the Adventure Begin

What to Expect at Your First Hunt

Whether you are an experienced fox hunter who likes to gallop and take the jumps in First Flight or are out for the first time and wish to start with the walk/trot group of Hilltoppers, Palm Beach Hounds will tailor the experience to your comfort level.


A quick conversation with the Master is essential before you come out for the first time. To ensure a good experience please acquaint yourself with our hunt rules and etiquette.  

try foxhunting in southern florida safe and fun
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come to a foxhunt and meet friends
foxhunting in gorgeous florida landscape
gallop through florida countryside jumping over logs
traverse the natural florida countryside on your horse

Tally Ho!

A typical hunt has members and guests arriving at the fixture (the location of the day's hunt) 30-60 minutes before the hunt starts in order to tack up and greet the Master. The Huntsman will blow the horn to send the hounds out promptly at 8am. The hounds are followed by the Whipper-Ins, the First Field Master and members, the Second Field Master and members, and then the Hilltoppers. The First Field will follow closely to the hounds and Huntsman, which may require dashing madly across terrain and jumping obstacles in the path. The Second Field will keep up but in a more regulated way that can accommodate those who do not want to jump. The Hilltoppers can see the direction of the group and feel the excitement of the hunt but follow at a comfortable walk/trot pace.

Experience the Hunt at Your Preferred Pace

The chase begins when the hounds uncover a scent. The hounds will remain in pursuit until they lose a scent because of a change in terrain or the evasiveness of the quarry.  A stop in the pursuit is considered a “check.” If a check occurs, the huntsman will often “lift” or gather the hounds, move to another covert, and recast the pack (signal hounds to look for a scent). A pursuit will also end abruptly if the quarry “goes to earth,” or finds sanctuary in a den or up a tree.

Members of the hunt conform to a strict etiquette while in the field. The hounds lead the group and always have the right of way. Riders must stay aware of the Huntsman and Masters at all time so they do not inadvertently pass them. All members of the hunt generally remain silent or speak only when necessary so that the Huntsman and Whippers-In can maintain communication with the hounds.

There is no better thrill than to view your first quarry and be able to shout out the alert, “Tally Ho,” to notify the Huntsman, Master, and Field that the quarry has been spotted. Thundering across the terrain, soaring over logs, coops, and other obstacles, is an experience like none other. Just being with the group and hearing the hounds pick up a new scent is an exhilarating feeling. The camaraderie and experiences that happen on the field will create memories to last a lifetime.


See Palm Beach Hounds featured in Horse & Hound!

Horse & Hound came from across the pond to ride with Palm Beach Hounds. Read all about Liam Clancy's experience foxhunting in South Florida.

Horse&Hound magazine article about palm beach hounds
Horse & Hound magazine article about Palm Beach Hounds Page 2

Foxhunting 101

Quick Guidelines for New Riders

Everything You Need to Know for Your First Hunt

Who's Who in a Hunt

Proper Hunting Attire

Cubbing vs Formal Season

Hunting Tack

Hunting Etiquette

History and Culture of the Foxhunting Sport

Hound Protocol

Terms & Vocabulary

Tally Ho!

Capping & Different Fields

Which Field is the Right Match

Palm Beach Hounds Foxhunting Group

Legacy and Tradition

Foxhunting 101

Hunting with Palm Beach Hounds is a fun, exhilarating experience that we strive to keep as safe as possible. Palm Beach Hounds follow the protocol and rules specified by the Masters of Foxhounds Association of North America (MFHA). It is important for all participants to acquaint themselves with the rules and etiquette of the hunt in order to keep our land, hounds, horses, and riders safe.  

While we recognize the role tradition plays in the sport, we do make accommodations when it comes to comfort and enjoyment of the sport. This is especially true for rules on attire.  

The link below gives an excellent comprehensive overview of the sport. We will provide you with our club's modifications before your first hunt.  

Foxhunting 101
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